About Me

Hanging out in Mycenae, Greece

Hanging out in Mycenae, Greece — No I didn’t go to Louisville, #HookEm

Donald aims to be a global leader in sport performance coaching and education.  He works to learn as much from coaches as he can and keeping up with developing research.  As an athlete that plays ultimate frisbee, race in athletics in college, and played numerous other sports Donald understands the needs of moving better as an athlete.  Outside of sport performance, Donald is a growing global historian, seeking to learn why the world is the way is.  Long term, Donald wants to help spawn and improve high performance centers across various countries across the world, especially on the African continent.   Doing his Masters degree at the University of Texas under Dr. Ed Coyle, Donald has learned a lot energy metabolism and sport nutrition in regards to metabolism and energy.

When not coaching or handling school, you can probably catch him with friends, watching some long video on Youtube, or scrolling Instagram for longer than necessary.

So far Donald has been to 6 countries and hopes to improve that number!  In order of arrival:

USA (duh)







Experiences include

  • Performance consultant and coach for organizations in Kenya
  • Coached half a dozen national team sprinters for Belize, plus many aspiring elites
  • Coached 3x Cup winning Texas Quidditch Club, 1 athlete playing on the US National Team in 2016
  • Coached NFL and NBA athletes interning at EXOS (formerly Athletes’ Performance)
  • Coached hundreds under 23 athletes from American football, football (soccer), athletics (track and field)baseball, hockey, and volleyball athletes
  • Fellow with Center for Sport Leadership and Innovation
  • Collegiate 400m hurdler