Traveling With Friends, So You Think At Least

  In planning large trips out of the country for the first time, it’s natural for you to want to invite close friends and family.  You want people you know to share the fun with, to be frustrated with, to communicate with in your own language, and be able to reminisce on the trip with later. […]

Backpacking Trip through Mexico, Planning Pt 1

As the wanderlust trainer, there are two key things needed, traveling and training.  This will be the first piece of my preparation to Mexico, which is my first self-planned trip out of the United States.  After reading this, maybe you have some ideas on how to better than such a trip. Well how did the[…]

Introducing the Wanderlust Trainer

The wanderlust trainer.  The rolling stone, new term I’ve embraced.  The professional wanderer, a name that I will forever keep, at least until I’m done wandering.  A man sewn from instability and now aims to make that into a positive attribute. Welcome to my blog site tracking my travels on the road I subjectively call,[…]