Skillz 4 Life

Skillz 4 Life is an initiative created to help adolescents and young adults learn necessary skills to have a successful transition into adulthood.  Many young adults enter the professional realm after high school or higher ed not knowing the basics of effectively living on their own.  See more information about what we cover below.


Mission: Provide young people with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to aid their transition into becoming successful adults.  Skillz 4 Life will help youth with understanding: decision making and consequences, career awareness, personal finance, nutrition, and post-secondary education.  We believe these 5 focus areas will provide significant assistance for adolescent youth with their transition out of high school.


  • The Game of Life: Decisions

Here students will focus on helping youth understand the importance of sound decision making at this age and how habits are created and ridden of.


  • Career Exploration: Passionate Living

The career exploration program will help students explore their interests and prepare them for professional interactions.  Entrepreneurship will be introduced as well as the importance of having a vast network of people.


  • Personal Finance: Controlling Your Dollars

In this program, students will be taught about money management as well as how income works in the US.  Students will also learn how credit works and its significance.


  • Nutrition: Lifestyle Eating

The nutrition program will highlight how food intake and energy levels are intertwined as well as how to individually improve eating habits.


  • College Admissions

This program will have presentations about admissions and opportunities in 4 year universities and technical colleges.


Contact Donald for more information about how Skillz 4 Life can be implemented to improve the personal and professional development for the young people you care for!



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