Introducing the Wanderlust Trainer


The wanderlust trainer.  The rolling stone, new term I’ve embraced.  The professional wanderer, a name that I will forever keep, at least until I’m done wandering.  A man sewn from instability and now aims to make that into a positive attribute.

Welcome to my blog site tracking my travels on the road I subjectively call, greatness.  I’m Donald and at this time a 22 year old grad student at the University of Texas.  To fast forward through the rather lengthy part of my life, I’ll catch you up to speed to 15 months ago where it all started.  In August 2013 while sitting in my living room of an apartment I was staying in in Pittsburgh Pa, I was reading a blog by Mark Manson (an excellent blogger and thinker) about how young Americans should travel overseas.  Now although I had ideas of it, traveling was a mere thing to do when I get old.  But that evening in August I changed my entire outlook.  After reading that blog, the idea spawned, I should travel the world and train athletes!

Fast forward 15 months and The Wanderlust Trainer is born.  I am a 2014 graduate of Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania with a major in Exercise Science and Philosophy.  I earned myself a spot into UT as a Master’s student in Exercise Science.  Through this site my journey to creating an international athletic performance business will be collected over the years.  I will document my training experiences domestic and abroad as well as offer training and professional advice for the young (still in school) future strength and conditioning coaches who have found themselves here as well as athletes looking to improve their game.  Small excerpts of my life and especially travels will also be shared.  Grow with me.  Laugh at me (especially my bad Spanish). Be motivated as nothing worth having comes easy.  Thank you for joining me as this stone keeps rolling!