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Hey!  I wanted to share with you a research paper I contributed to my last 3 semesters at The University of Texas.   It was just published this month!  Below is the abstract and link to the full article.  It’s not very long at all.  If you have trouble accessing it, let me know and I can email you a link.


What is Your Fitness Tracker Communicating?: Exploring Messages and Effects of Wearable Fitness Devices

Page 1-9 | Published online: 03 Sep 2016

Although studies have investigated how the technical features of wearable fitness trackers promote physical activity, we understand less about how communication surrounding such devices may contribute to their success. Addressing current opportunities for inquiry is important, as the popularity of fitness trackers and other wearable devices grows. Through interviews with 25 people wearing fitness devices, this study elucidates how and with whom people communicate fitness tracker messages and explains the effects of sociomaterial practice on interactions between wearable fitness device users. Our findings show the vital role of communication in sharing and encouraging physical activity.

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The photo for this article was from the presentation of the thesis for this paper in May of 2015.



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