2017 Update & Back to Kenya!

Hey Wanderlust Trainer family.  I know it has been quite a while since I have last posted!  If you aren’t aware, I moved back to Pittsburgh PA in the summer 8 months ago.  After my track coaching season ended, I did some freelance training in the early fall but with the cold settling in late October, most things training related took a pause.  As well as figuring other ventures in real estate and life skill programming for youth.  I fell off of the online map a bit with posting as I was split in many directions.  This is a pretty short update.

That said some things have changed around!  First of all, as the title suggests, I’m going back to Kenya!  In less than 2 weeks actually!  More on that below.  I’ve done some rebranding as I changed from Combat Cut International Performance to Global Human Performance.  There is also a new logo, below.  I have a new website up and running www.ghperformance.com .  The “combat” part of the name wasn’t sitting with me well anymore.  I wanted something simpler and more practical.  “Global” works because of the international aspect, as well as it’s holistic training to improve the whole “human”.

Other news is that I now have a gym in Pittsburgh to house my business.  I have leased a gym on the Southside Flats of Pittsburgh to host GHP.  We (me and the owner) actually are moving to a larger place with turf later this month near Mt. Washington.  422 Industry St 15210.

I still work as an educational liaison for Allegheny County Department of Human Services.  I’m a social worker working with foster youth 14-24 on high school retention as well as education and career planning.  This is the job I moved back from Austin Texas to take up, the gym I was at actually closed as the property owner is turning the property into something else, so not a bad idea!  It’s been going well, it’s a very purposeful and real job which I enjoy, especially the mobility of it.

So yeah, the second Nairobi Performance Clinic is soon to be underway.  I fly out on February 18th!  Before I left Nairobi last year, there were a lot of questions about when I will return but I was very uncertain as it was my last semester of grad school and my life could’ve taken so many directions.  Late in the fall I was reviewing my schedule and corresponding with Paul, my partner in Nairobi, and came up with the week of President’s day since it’ll help me maximize my time.  I didn’t want it to be too long, but weeks are going by faster nowadays it seems.  If you aren’t familiar with the 1st, read about my first time coaching in Kenya here.

The clinic will cover STRENGTH TRAINING, which was a topic that unfortunately didn’t get its due diligence last year.  It’s actually 1 of 2 main topics for this clinic.  The other topic is ACCELERATION, which is what many people are referring to when they think of speed in sports, especially team sports like football/soccer.  The major emphasis will be on coaching the coaches on HOW to coach lifting and sprinting.  A big piece of both of those is programming.  From my experience in Nairobi, body building and aerobics are the dominant training ideologies, similar to in the US if you don’t train with a coach like me or a trainer who does HIIT, and that’s just not how you holistically train most athletes.  Given that, a simple change in perspective and knowledge needs to be brought to the table to help coaches take their athletes to the next level.  If you want more details check out the link http://ghperformance.com/index.php/nairobi-performance-clinic-2017/ .

I wanted to give an update on what’s been going on.  A bit of it also, to be honest, was figuring some direction.  I kinda got lost in the sauce a bit with my job and having my mind in many places.  I’m finally back focused.  Having this facility deal works out well too.  I’ll get back to posting more regularly as well.

Oh yeah, Paul hooked me up with a coach, Santos, out in Kigali, Rwanda so I’ll be spending a day their too!

Question for you, would you be more interested in seeing posts about training advice, traveling stories, and/or my related life updates as they come along?  Let me know!

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Much love!

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